Члены Ассоциации

 1. Glazov State Pedagogical Institute named after V.G. Korolenko

Belykh Lilia Iosifovna - specialist of R&D

Tel.: +7(3414)153–229


 2. Komi Republican Academy of Public Administration and Management

Anna Mikhailovna Charina - candidate of political sciences, acting head of Department for Management of Information, Documentation and Socio-Political Processes 

Tel.: +7(8212)302-780 

 3. Mari State University

Chuzaev Rodion Ivanovich - Director of the Institute for National Culture and Intercultural Communication 

Tel.: +7(8362)687–901 

 4. National Research Mordovian State University named after N.P. Ogaryov

Rodnyakov Alexey Viktorovich - Deputy Head of Interregional Science Centre for Finno-ugric Studies

Tel.: +7(8342)474–423 

 5. Petrozavodsk State University

Tarasov Konstantin Gennadievich - Vice-rector for Academic Affairs 

Tel.: +7(8142)711–005 

 6. Syktyvkar State University

Pinaevskiy Dmitriy Ivanovich - Vice-rector for Administrative and Organization Affairs

Tel.: +7(8212)390–406 

 7. Udmurt State University

Timerkhanova Nadezhda Nikolaevna - Head of Department for Linguistic Typology and Linguodidactics 

Tel.: +7(3412)916–169 

 8. Yugra State University

Dyatlova Tatiana Aleksandrovna - Coordinator of the Center for Northern Peoples        

Tel.: +7(3467)377–000 (ext. 348) 

 9. Yamal Multidisciplinary College 

Kazanovskaya Natalya Vasilievna - Head of Department for Natutral Sciences

Tel.: 8(34922) 5-03-01, fax: 8(34922) 5-03-01 

10. Ural State Forestry University (Ekaterinburg)

Berezina Anna Valerievna - seniour teacher of the Department of Philosophy

Tel.: +7 343 254-65-06 


Association Council

The Association Council is headed by the Cairman, Council members are the specialists who ensure the work of the Association in specific areas.

Chairman of the Association Council:

·  represents the interests of the Association in public and international organizations;

·  conducts negotiations concerning the activities of the Association, signs agreements previously approved by the Association Council - manages the work of the Association Conference;

·  organizes the work of the Association Council;

·  provides guidance and control over the activities of sections, centers and foundations created by the Association.

·  The Chairman of the Association Council is elected by the Conference for a term of 3 years with the right of subsequent re-election.

Association Council:

·  manages the activities of the Association;

·  approves the budget of the Association and the procedure for spending funds;

·  as recommendations for Association members determines the most effective ways to use financial, material and labor resources in priority scientific areas and in the organization of training;

·  coordinates the activities of Association members, sections, other associations created by members of the Association;

·  prepares reports and other materials for consideration at the Association Conference; publishes materials of the Association;

·  creates sections.

The Association sections are created in accordance with its basic principles and implement their activities through the development of current administrative documents and recommendations for the implementation of the main tasks of the Association in the relevant fields of education and science. They are on duty to conduct informational, scientific and educational events.